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About our company

About usTerra Marmol, LLC was first established in 1999 in Miami, Florida under the name Talavera Tile & Stone, with the mission to serve as wholesale distribution center for traditional Mexican products, exclusively Saltillo (a hand-made clay tile) and hand-painted decorative tiles better known as talavera.

Our company experienced an enormous success that same year, surpassing sales and unexpected achievement.

Over the next four years, and thanks to extensive research and development of products and market analysis, Terra Marmol led to a wide recognition among our ever expanding customer network by offering great diversity and outstanding quality products. During this prolific period, not only did the company distributed Saltillo and Talavera, but also hand-made glazed ceramic tile (Med and Ocean Drive Collections), Mexican and Peruvian travertine in various profiles (field tiles, floors, mosaics, and moldings), tumbled and polished onyx, and the best seller collection, mixed glass and stone mosaics.

By the end of 2004, the level of sales had increased by more than 1,000%, and as a measure to secure the market and keep rendering a state of the art level of service and products to its loyal customers, Talavera Tile and Stone merged with its partner, Regio U.S.A, Inc., Out of San Juan, Texas.

A period of frequent success followed over the next five years always focusing on service, innovation, and the expansion of markets to neighboring states like Georgia, Alabama, South and North Carolina, and the rest of Florida.

In 2010, the strategic thinking and business oriented attitude of its managers was put through the test and in a bold but wise decision, the Miami based location parted ways with Texas. Operating since April under the name Terra Marmol, LLC, our main objectives as a company are strong investment in development of new products to stay ahead of new trends and our competitors, fully penetrating the neighboring markets in Florida, and opening a second operations facility in the Washington area. By always treasuring our biggest asset, our people and our clients, we have managed to become the number one choice for quality natural stone products.

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